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A short review

In March 2017, Berlin-based "MXPRIVÉ" launched his Instagram account.

Originally conceived as a food account, his visual language was soon to play an important role.

The structure is always minimalist, so as not to distract from the food or the dish in question.

The aim of MXPRIVÉ is to focus on the visible characteristics (color and texture) of the food with its purist, aesthetic visual language and thus to sensitize and inspire the viewer for the food, the dish and the culinary craft.


In his first entry to a photography competition, the Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2018, MXPRIVÉ's entry "Seitling" (part of the food+art series) was shortlisted in the "on the phone" category.


"Can food be art and can this art be eaten at the same time?"

With this question in mind, MXPRIVÉ participated in the group exhibition "Transformart" in Berlin in 2019, exhibiting photographs from the food+art series for the first time.

To connect his art even more closely with the pleasure of cooking, he organized the "food+art" dinner (Restaurant Kong, Berlin) in the same year. Here he cooked and served the dishes shown in the exhibited pictures.


In the fall of 2020, he started working on the photo series "FOOD-iD".

At the Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2021, he not only made it to the finals, but also won first place in the category with his entry "blackbeeries FOOD-iD": "Spayne Lindsay On the Phone". More awards for this photo series were to follow.


His current project is "GETTING CLOSE", which is about to be published after almost three years of work.

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