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(gmp Architects)

Prix de la Photographie Paris (PX3) - Bronze (BOOK/MONOGRAPH - NON-PROFESSIONAL) - 2023 International Photography Awards™ - Official Selection (Book/Self Published) - 2023 single photos: International Photography Awards™ - Official Selection - 2023 MonoVisions Award - Honorable Mention - 2022 Monochrome Awwards - Honorable Mention - 2022 Annual Photography Awards - Honorable Mention - 2022 Fine Art Photography - Nominee - 2022 London International Creative Competition - Official Selection - 2022

The CREATION My photographic encounter with the Tempodrom in Berlin-Kreuzberg happened by chance. It was preceded by a conversation about architectural motifs in Berlin, during which it was mentioned by a photographer friend. I travelled there on foot from the Park am Gleisdreieck due to the construction site. The distinctive white spikes above the treetops could be seen from afar. As soon as I stepped onto the roof terrace, I felt the fascination that this symmetrical construction exerted on me. This series of pictures was taken between 2021 and 2023 and was photographed exclusively with an iPhone. The interplay of perspective, daylight, proximity and distance paints a multi-faceted portrait of this impressive building. The 37 metre high Tempodrom was designed by gmp - Architects von Gerkan, Marg and Partners and impresses with its sculptural form and geometry. The patinated membrane lends the roof a fascinating materiality and emphasises the structural interpretation of the original circus tent. The "white" radiance of the outer shell and the striking jagged crown are reminiscent of the cathedral in Brasília by architect Oscar Niemeyer. "Tent" and "cathedral" therefore describe the shape of the Tempodrom and also reflect its development into one of the capital's most important and popular event venues. It is therefore hardly surprising that these two words can be found in many newspaper and magazine articles.

The PHOTOZINE "GETTING CLOSE - Tempodrom" is a sensitive interplay of architectural photography, layout design, typography and printing. The minimally edited images are accompanied by a geometric font. The high-quality, high-contrast digital print enhances the luminosity of the photography with its rich black colour. The thread-stitched, uncoated paper references the surface structure of the roof construction and impresses with its extremely rough or super-smooth feel. Everything has been carefully selected and harmonised to do justice to the visual aesthetics and cultural significance of this iconic venue. Details: Softcover, thread stitching (white) Text/image/design: MXPRIVÉ Publisher: Self-Publishing Year of publication: 2023 1st edition: 45 copies Format: 210x297mm Number of pages: 52 inside pages + cover Images: 25 (b/w and colour) Paper: Metapaper extrasmooth white 270g/m2 and Metapaper extrarough white 150g/m2 Print: 5/5 Euroscale + DH K / Euroscale + DH K Pre-order: 35€ plus shipping Shipping from December

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